Onychomycosis Diagnosis for Primary Care

Onychomycosis pathology has been a valuable tool for sales reps to build a relationship with their physicians. Onychomycosis is a common disease of the toenail. It is the cause of roughly 50% of nail deformities and affects approximately 14-18% of people living in the USA. It is important to identify the pathology of the nail deformation and determine a proper treatment plan. Many insurances … Read More

New Solutions on the Every Ancillary Platform

Since the launch of the EveryAncillary platform, we have had a number of new vendors add their solutions. These solutions are providing depth and value to help you strengthen your position as a Medical Practice Consultant. These include: Observational Studies: A clinical trial solution that observes Clinician behavior, not the patient. This has proven to be an easy ‘sale’ for consultants … Read More

A Winning Sales Strategy

Medical ancillaries are gaining in popularity among medical sales professionals. Physicians are increasingly relying on ancillaries to improve their quality of patient care and their bottom lines. This increased demand, along with the flexibility and unlimited income potential, has caused many medical sales professionals to try their hand at ancillaries. Unfortunately, many are disappointed to learn that much of the … Read More

Mitigating Risk in Independent Medical Sales

If you are a medical ancillary sales rep you are likely an independent contractor, which means you are essentially a business owner. As a business owner, mitigating risk is essential to your long-term financial stability. In the medical ancillary sector, there is no shortage of risk. Programs routinely fall in and out of favor due to externalities like changes in … Read More