Getting into Medical Sales without Experience

How to get experience when you have no experience If you are looking for your first opportunity to break into medical sales, you have likely encountered the proverbial chicken and egg scenario…how do I get experience if every position requires prior experience? This is the top frustration for job candidates seeking their first opportunity. In fact, “how to get a … Read More

21 Tips to Grow Medical Sales in 2021

Many industries have undergone a rapid revolution during 2020, especially healthcare. The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated certain trends for how medical practices make purchasing decisions. Multiple surveys have shown that roughly half of physicians no longer do in-person visits with sales reps…and that is before the pandemic! It is safe to assume that many of the remaining half have instituted … Read More

5 Negative Health Consequences from Coronavirus Lockdown

And what primary care providers can do to mitigate The coronavirus pandemic has presented many challenges for primary care providers. While policies to bring about mass social distancing may have slowed viral spread, they come with tangential health consequences. Primary care providers are uniquely positioned to mitigate the collateral damage from the lockdowns by addressing the biggest health risks that … Read More