How to Increase Length of Time Spent with Patients

‘What doctors and patients need is more time, not more technology.’ —Malcolm Gladwell Physician burnout has become an epidemic. One of the main reasons for burnout cited by physicians is the amount of time that is required to do administrative tasks, which limits the time they can spend with patients. In fact, recently Annals of Internal Medicine published a study … Read More

Top 4 Revenue Ancillaries for Work Comp/PIP Providers

Worker’s Comp and Personal Injury providers derive a significant portion of their revenue from the ancillary services that accompany patient treatment. Here are 4 programs that every WC/PIP provider must be offering their patients: 4 – DME Offering Durable Medical Equipment allows doctors to work with therapeutic pieces in-house, ensuring a custom fit for every patient and improving outcomes. Turnkey … Read More