The Biggest Killer for Sales

Nothing kills a deal like self doubt. If you have been in the medical sales space for longer than a hot minute then you have already been there. You pull up to your last call point of the day after 10 rejections before that. You did your sales pitch and the doctor asked you a question that made you doubt … Read More

Top 10 Medical Ancillaries for Independent Medical Reps

The demand for ancillary services by independent physicians has never been higher. In the 2018 Medical Economics Physician Report, among all non-surgical primary care survey respondents, 84 percent said they provide ancillary services. The number of ancillary options for practices has grown substantially in recent years. As an independent medical representative, it can be difficult to know which programs to focus your … Read More

Sales Success with Dave Rominski

The Sales Success series of the Every Ancillary Podcast is focused on helping reps review best practice sales techniques and sharing of success strategies and stories. Yes. This podcast is going to focus more on sales skills and also sales success stories. We’ve got a number of people that are gaining traction in this space and some people with some … Read More