Get Ahead of Allergy Season

The time to start testing for allergies is now! Providers need to be reminded of the allergy symptom cycle.  The pollen count may be low right now as temperatures are dropping. When Spring comes around so will the misery of allergy symptoms- watery eyes, runny nose, sneezing etc… screening and testing patients now will allow the allergiDrops to work its … Read More

What’s Around the Corner for 2019

Well here we are at the close of 2019. It has been a big year for us and we are optimistic as we look into the possibilities for the year ahead. Over the past quarter we have significantly added to our Practice Enhancement portfolio. These tools will help you talk to any specialty and help doctors understand that you are … Read More

Providing Lunches – Is It Ever Worth It?

Upon entering the medical industry as a pharmaceutical rep, I had visions of spending most of my days having interesting scientific discussions with healthcare providers. However, it wasn’t long before I felt more like a Panera deliver driver! Providing meals for medical staff has been a common practice for decades. Doctor’s have limited time, so having any sort of meaningful … Read More