The Latest Scam in the Laboratory Sector

There is an alarming trend that has arisen over the past few months in the laboratory sector, directly recruiting Medicare patients to do expensive genomics testing, while earning high commissions from the laboratories performing these tests. The scam works by having individuals organize “health fairs”, doing a short questionnaire with the patient, taking the DNA sample, then having a telemedicine … Read More

Women’s Health Laboratory

The Ancillary Medical Sales Podcast is a weekly podcast that covers all things ancillary. We talk about sector trends, sales strategy and medical products from labs to equipment and more. This episode covers a new partner that provides a specialized laboratory service targeted to Women’s Health. This episode, Mike and Viv talk to Mike Kalnoski about the lab. “Well, Viv, … Read More

Transcript of the Every Ancillary Medical Sales Podcast on Trends for 2019

The Every Ancillary Medical Sales Podcast is a weekly podcast that covers all things Medical Ancillary. From ancillary products and equipment, lab testing and more as well as sales strategy and things impacting medical practices. The podcast is hosted by Michael Berg and Vivien Hudson. This podcast was released in January 2019 discussing what Mike and Viv see as the … Read More

Fingerstick Allergy Testing

Allergies are all around us and come from a wide range of sources that we come into contact daily. Many symptoms of allergy are not the routinely expected hayfever – running nose, sneezing and itchy eyes. Other symptoms can include bloating, lethargy, headaches and many other nonspecific symptoms that anyone could experience on a regular basis, with little thought to … Read More

The Best Kept Secret in Medical Sales

Recently we were talking to someone in the medical sales space and were told ‘Every Ancillary’ was the ‘best-kept secret’ in the medical ancillary space. Well, it’s kind of nice thinking you are a great asset but knowing we are a ‘secret’ is a little alarming! Every Ancillary launched in September 2019 so it’s no surprise that we are still … Read More

2019 medical ancillary outlook…the end of the middleman!

Economists have been warning about the negative effects that “rent-seeking” has on an economy. Rent-seeking describes any activity in a system that extracts resources without adding any value. If you work in the medical ancillary sector, you are probably very familiar with this activity. The medical ancillary sector is loaded with rent-seekers, aka “brokers”, “distributor groups”, “rep groups”, or the … Read More