Talk Less, Sell More – The Golden Rule for Medical Sales

As a medical sales professional, you often spend weeks or months prospecting new clients in the hopes of getting a short window of their undivided attention. The last thing you want to do is blow the opportunity you worked so hard for. Since there is a lot of information that you have crammed into your brain, the temptation is to … Read More

8 Tips to Staying Motivated After Rejection

Every medical sales professional understands that rejection is part of the job. However, even for the most seasoned professional, hearing “no” repeatedly can take a psychic toll. Constant rejection can lead to stress and self-doubt, which can become a self-fulfilling prophecy, resulting in further rejection. These are 8 tips for staying motivated after facing rejection. 1. Focus on inputs rather … Read More

Medical Sales Opportunities for the Next Decade

Most seasoned medical sales representatives have carried several different products or services over their careers. Between emerging technologies, expiring patents, and ever-changing insurance coverage, the role of a medical sales professional is to constantly adapt and learn new things. As you investigate which medical ancillary programs are likely to grow this decade, consider these areas of focus: REGENERATIVE MEDICINE The … Read More

Effective Approaches for Gatekeepers

By: Michael Berg, Every Ancillary Dealing with gatekeepers is one of the biggest challenges that medical reps face. Having a good strategy makes a huge difference in your sales success. These are four practical tips on how to handle gatekeepers in medical sales: Tip #1 – Get Information How – Have good questions ready to ask You do not need … Read More

Why Equipment? Why Now?

In the wake of COVID, practices are eager to get patients back into their offices. Many patients have avoided getting preventive testing done or had their visits done virtually. What can be provided virtually is limited, particularly when it comes to diagnostic testing. Equipment gives practices a reason to call up their patients and invite them back into their office. … Read More

Storytelling: Your Most Important Skill to be Successful in Medical Sales

The medical industry presents one of the most challenging arenas to be a successful sales rep. Selling to highly educated buyers with limited time to spare means you must make the most of your opportunities. There are countless books and articles that have been written with tips how to succeed in medical sales, each helpful in perfecting your game. However, … Read More

Getting into Medical Sales without Experience

How to get experience when you have no experience If you are looking for your first opportunity to break into medical sales, you have likely encountered the proverbial chicken and egg scenario…how do I get experience if every position requires prior experience? This is the top frustration for job candidates seeking their first opportunity. In fact, “how to get a … Read More

21 Tips to Grow Medical Sales in 2021

Many industries have undergone a rapid revolution during 2020, especially healthcare. The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated certain trends for how medical practices make purchasing decisions. Multiple surveys have shown that roughly half of physicians no longer do in-person visits with sales reps…and that is before the pandemic! It is safe to assume that many of the remaining half have instituted … Read More