6 + 1 People Every Independent Medical Sales Representatives Should Follow

Being an independent medical sales professional is demanding. To be effective at running your ancillary business, it is important keep your skills sharp and stay on top of industry trends.

While there are countless sales and marketing experts out there, there are only so many minutes in the day.

I’ve found these 6 (+1) people to offer concise information who are very useful to follow as an independent medical sales professional:


Kelley Knott


Kelley is a healthcare marketing expert with a focus on training Physician Liaisons. She posts multiple articles and videos on how to effectively market to healthcare professionals, from digital marketing to face-to-face sales.

Why I follow

While Kelley’s expertise is in training Physician Liaisons, much of her content is applicable to anyone who works in medical sales. Kelley is a true marketing guru, as is evident by her effective engagement with followers on LinkedIn.

Kelley’s insights can help sharpen your approach to marketing to physicians, as well as help you provide valuable assistance to your practices who are also looking for marketing tips.

Brian Burns


Brian is a sales veteran from the software industry. Through his vast experience, he has discovered that most sales reps “sell backwards,” meaning their focus is outside the prospect looking in. Brian teaches how to match the selling process with the prospect’s decision process.

Why I follow

Brian posts short videos filmed from a selfie stick while he’s walking around his neighborhood. These videos usually involve him roleplaying a phone call with a prospect or manager, playing out absurd situations that we have all found ourselves in as sales professionals.

These posts can provide a little levity that is much needed when you are grinding it out as an independent medical rep.


Dr. Najeeb Lectures


Dr. Najeeb Lectures channel has hundreds of medical lectures on nearly every topic that is covered in medical school, from anatomy and physiology to disease pathology.

Why I follow

Being up to speed on the science behind your programs is the key to establishing credibility. This goes far beyond memorizing the talking points on a flyer. The elite reps have a deeper understanding of the diseases or conditions that their programs focus on.

Dr. Najeeb Lectures gives you a crash course on hundreds of topics covering basic medical science and clinical medicine. Think of it like the cliff notes for medical school!

Kolby Wood


Kolby is a current medical sales rep who posts vlogs from the field, as well as other medical sales videos. Topics range from breaking into medical sales, to medical sales strategies, to “day in the life” vlogs that show the daily highs and lows of this profession.

Why I follow

Since Kolby currently works as a medical rep, he is testing out his own teachings in the field. While he does surgical sales, there are a lot of his concepts that are applicable to other areas of medical sales.


Sales Influence – Why People Buy – Victor Antonio


This podcast covers the psychology of consumers, getting into the deeper social psychology and neuromarketing that drives behavior. Topics range from practical selling strategies to getting yourself in the right mindset to achieve success.

Why I follow

No matter how long you have been in sales, it is important to stay focused on the fundamentals. This podcast covers a wide array of sales topics, breaking down the psychology of both sides of the sale.

As an independent rep, I don’t have an abundance of time. Most episodes of this podcast are less than 10 minutes. Plus, there is a huge library of evergreens that I can reference back to if I’m struggling in a particular area.

Medical Sales Guru – Mace Horoff


Mace Horoff is an industry veteran who shares practical sales tips for sales professionals in the medical/pharmaceutical sectors. Topics range from dealing with gatekeepers to understanding how to build trust with physicians.

Why I follow

This podcast is very specific to medical sales. A lot of the questions that I get asked by independent reps are covered on this podcast. “Should you buy your way in with lunches?” “How do you handle practices that won’t let reps in” “How do you deal with those pesky gatekeepers?”

Mace shares his wisdom from decades of experience in the medical sales arena. Each episode gets right to the point, so they are great to listen to between appointments.

Every Ancillary Sales Podcast – Michael Berg & Vivien Hudson



…Of course, if you are an independent sales rep in the ancillary sector, there literally is no other podcast but ours!

The Every Ancillary Sales Podcast is a weekly 10-minute podcast covering sales topics and new programs in the ancillary sector. There are 200+ episodes in our library, which is a great resource if you need a refresher on a particular topic.


Michael Berg is the President and CEO of Every Ancillary, co-host of Every Ancillary Sales Podcast. If you are an Independent Medical Sales Professional, register today at everyancillary.com to get your FREE medical sales playbook.