TM-Flow Autonomic Nervous System Assessment

This equipment measures galvanic skin response and Heart Rate Variability through a simple, quick, and non-invasive test that gives providers the ability to detect neuropathy before it becomes symptomatic. Great insurance coverage, financing available. On-site training available.

Insurance: PPO, Medicaid, TriCare

States Excluded:

Complimentary Programs: Diabetic Neuropathy Device (DND), Home Sleep Apnea, Diabetes Diagnostics and Treatment Protocol (DDTP), Osteoarthritis Injections

Compensation: Request contract for pricing

Pay Cycle: 48 hours after installation

Categories: Equipment,

Specialties: Allergy, Cardiology, Family Medicine, Functional Medicine, Geriatrics, Internal Medicine, Neurology, Pain Management, Podiatry,

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