A Winning Sales Strategy

Medical ancillaries are gaining in popularity among medical sales professionals. Physicians are increasingly relying on ancillaries to improve their quality of patient care and their bottom lines. This increased demand, along with the flexibility and unlimited income potential, has caused many medical sales professionals to try their hand at ancillaries. Unfortunately, many are disappointed to learn that much of the … Read More

Mitigating Risk in Independent Medical Sales

If you are a medical ancillary sales rep you are likely an independent contractor, which means you are essentially a business owner. As a business owner, mitigating risk is essential to your long-term financial stability. In the medical ancillary sector, there is no shortage of risk. Programs routinely fall in and out of favor due to externalities like changes in … Read More

ANS Testing and Why it Matters

Recently I had the opportunity to attend the LD Technology Symposium and see where ANS testing is at. This is an exciting area with technology driving ease of testing and insights into Insulin Resistance and prediabetes. The LD equipment is empowering early detection of diabetes as much as 10 years before diagnosis through glucose tolerance testing. The device measures 3 … Read More

The Difference Between a Medical Distributor and a Pimp

There is an old saying, “Those who can’t do, teach.” This phrase could be applicable to the medical ancillary sector as well, only changed to “Those who can’t sell, become distributors.” If there is one thing the medical ancillary space has in abundance, it’s “distributors.” Many sales groups have arisen in recent years, most of whom have the same business … Read More

Running Your Own Business As A Medical Sales Rep

Being an independent medical sales rep is much like running your own business. When you own a business there are always areas that you need to look at. These include: Knowing your customer Marketing your business Managing your time The medical sales space is filled with people who have come from different walks of life, hoping to make their fortune … Read More

The Two Reasons Some Reps Make Over $1M/Year in the Medical Ancillary Sector

People land in the medical ancillary sector for various reasons, but more than anything, they are looking to make those huge commissions they’ve heard stories about. Having spent the past 9 years specifically in the ancillary space, I can tell you from experience that some of these stories are true, and there are indeed sales professionals who make 7-figures. However, … Read More